Medical Mattress Technology used in Student Accommodation

Having supplied the medical sector for many years with high performance contract mattresses that are not only specialist medical devices made to help with pressure sores , they are also very durable. they have to be as they are used 24 hours a day 7 days a week, often on actuating beds.




Clean and Durable and Comfortable

Over the last few years we have introduced this concept into hostel and student accommodation. in the development of ultra hygienic anti allergenic foam mattresses. using the same covering material that is used on our medical mattresses. a two way stretch PU coated fabric that is strong and flexible and waterproof. so is the Ideal swap out for standard mattresses which will become soiled damaged and unusable in a short period under any contract situation.

Now you can have a mattress that is hard wearing anti allergenic comfortable and the cover is wipe clean , and can be also washed at high temperatures.