Comfortex Product Ranges

Our core business is the manufacture of  mattresses, for both the domestic  and the medical sectors. We are currently making around 75,000 per year, and have been growing this sector of our business over the last few years.


The Comfortex medical division is our ‘Formula 1’ for innovation and quality benchmarks. Products include pressure-relief mattresses and wheelchair seats which are supplied to centres in 27 countries so far. All our products undergo rigorous testing to our exacting quality standards.

Other sectors include the conversion of  slabstock foam products using the latest CNC contour cutting machines.

Alongside our trusted supply partners, we’ve worked with major retail brands to create a comprehensive range of nursery mattresses. And we continue to grow this sector through constant innovation and dedication to quality. Ask about our new creations shortly.

Comfortex also produces products made from cold cure moulded foam made in house on our own moulding plant.

We also manufacture for the healthcare industry specializing in pressure relieving medical mattresses and have our own in-house testing labs, gerber fabric cutting capabilities, a sewing division, a screen printing department and HF fabric welding capabilities to list just some.

Mattress Division

  • In our mattress division we use the latest computer guided CNC cutting machines, Lamination lines and mattress roll-packing machines to produce ;
  • Pocket sprung encapsulated mattresses
  • HR and visco elastic (memory foam) domestic mattresses
  • Profile cut medical mattresses
  • Cot mattress
  • Standard sprung mattresses

Converted Foam Division

  • In our foam division we have the latest computer guided CNC cutting machines, automatic and manual bandknives, block slitting equipment, presses, and fabrication lines that produce goods for the following products.
  • Upholstery foam
  • HR and visco elastic domestic mattresses
  • Profile cut medical mattresses
  • Cot mattress
  • Protective packaging
  • Acoustic foam sound treatment products

Cold Cure Moulded Foam Division

  • At Comfortex we have our own moulded cold cure foam plant where we can produce high quality cold cure moulded foam seating products.
  • Upholstery seat, back cushions and bench seating
  • Wheelchair seats and medical couch seating,

Medical Products Division

  • Our medical products division primarily makes goods for the Healthcare sector. We have our own product testing facility that gives pressure maps for pressure relieving mattresses and seating products. We have in addition to all our foam processes listed above, hf welding and screen printing capabilities, which help produce the following.
  • Medical pressure relief mattresses
  • Wheelchair seats
  • Support products