Comfortex Suppliers of Caravan Seating to the Leisure industry

Comfortex have introduced seating into caravans derived both from our Fira  Gold award winning ComfortexAir ® seating system and our cold cure moulded foam seats.

For years the same seating has been used in most caravan’s and motorhome’s. Now many of the most well known caravan and motor home manufacturers have looked for someting new and someting improved.



Cold Cure Moulded Foam Caravan Seating

Derived from the high end of the upholstery sector cold cure moulded foam seating has been used with its unique shape retention and high resilience.

Caravan Seating derived from ComfortexAir ® Seating Technology

And also this years revolution in seating technology the ComfortexAir ® seating system has been adapted for use in this sector and has also been taken up by some of the market leaders.