Polyurethane Foam Conversion

At Comfortex we specialize in converted slabstock foams using various types, grades and densities of foams.

From High Resilience CMHR seating foams to Visco elastic memory foams, we can manufacture most products that are made using slabstock foam. In fact many of the UK’s High end sofas are made using foam converted at Comfortex.



As UK leaders in foam conversion, we have an extensive range of processing capabilities and are constantly researching and investing in the latest equipment and techniques to provide foam products of almost any shape or size.
Foam is an invaluable solution for a multitude of industries and is especially important in the bedding, automotive, healthcare and consumer markets. We offer a comprehensive range of foams, which are suitable for a whole variety of applications and are regularly exposed to rigorous testing to ensure continuous and consistent quality.
With our in depth technical knowledge and lengthy industry experience we are able to advise you on the right solution to your foam conversion requirements. We are confident that we have the best tools and machinery available to offer a wide range of custom foam products for a variety of commercial and industrial uses, and are always seeking new and advanced ways to shape foam into even more creative and intricate designs.

Automated Production

By managing a continued investment in state of the art technology, we have enabled our customers to operate at the forefront of their industries. listed below are the manufacturing units of our foam conversion department

  • CNC Contour Cutting Machines
  • Die Cutting and Pressing
  • Foam Fabrication and Lamination Lines
  • Automatic Bandknives
  • Manual Bandknives
  • Block Slitting

Converted foam is found in many industries with specialist foam grades tailor-made for their end use.


Comfortex manufactures many types of mattresses and has 3 divisions within the company soley dedicated to mattress production these are domestic mattresses  medical mattresses  and cot mattresses, most are cut on our 3 automated CNC contour cutting machines and many are supplied vaccum roll packed. we do not only manufacture solid foam mattresses as we have a lamination line  dedicated to the fabrication of foam encapsulated sprung mattresses again many of which are supplied vaccum roll packed.

Upholstery Foam Supplies

Comfortex has always specialized in producing high quality upholstery foam fillings for some of the UK’s largest furniture and caravan companies, supplying to the customer’s specifications, not only for the foam components but for the packaging and delivery requirements also.


Using the CNC computer guided cutting machines and our Die cutting, we can manufacture intricate packaging components from foam with a very high degree of accuracy.

Industrial Foam Use

Foam is used in many applications in industry.

  • Acoustic sound Treatment products
  • Gaskets, seals,
  • Sound Proofing
  • Filters for Gas & liquids,
  • Cleaning Products
  • Pipeline Pigs” for water and oil pipelines,
    ranging in size from just a few mm long to meters long,
  • Vibration reduction products,

Medical Products

Foam is used in many medical products. To name just some are Pressure reducing mattresses and seats, lumbar and backrests. Mattress overlays, neck support cushions.

Visco elastic (memory foam) is also a foam component used in many medical products for its unique pressure reducing qualities. Please see our section on visco elastic memory foam for more information.