Plump Up Daily the Fibre Fill Cushion Farce

Fibre filled seat cushions often have the instruction plump up daily when sold. Does this not suggest there is an inherent fault with the product? Who in all seriousness is expected to plump up their sofas seat cushions every day in some sort of desperate attempt to prize the matted fibres apart and so stop the cushions from collapsing!

Test fibre for yourself

Just put a piece of fiber either bonded polyester fiber or blown polyester fibre between your hands and rub together. within seconds the lofty soft luxurious fibre becomes a matted and clumpy. then think what the seat cushion made of this or wrapped in this will look like after a few weeks / months use. Now how much do you pay for a sofa ? and what would you feel like when the seat cushion flattens !

The product no one talks about

It has been a long standing issue in the upholstery world for years, everyone wants the soft fibre cushion feel especially the sofa designers. but its heads in the sand for its durability issues. Fibre matts together and flattens whether bonded polyester fibre wrapped around a foam cushion, or a blown or carded fibre filled cushion FACT.

You wouldn’t use a 21 density foam in seating would you !

Its not really surprising is it when you calculate the density of bonded fibre for example its nowhere near foam where very rarely are light densities used . a 750gram piece of bonded fibre  1000 x 1000mm has a height of 10cm. which gives the product a density of 7.5 kilos per m3 ,  Most foam used on seating is between 33 to 39 Kilos M3, in addition to this the real problem is that the fibre has no integral cell structure to help maintain its original shape.

Its beyond me why people put up with seat cushions that collapse so soon after use and how it seems ok to have an instruction like plump up daily / weekly etc and then use this excuse to say the furniture was not looked after correctly when the seat collapses.

knowing that its not practically possible to follow this to the letter, Truth told even if you did take the cushion out of the cover and plump it up,  the fibre’s would still be matting together.  You would need to re-card the raw fibre inside to tease the fibre’s apart to even attempt to bring the cushion back to life.

So how can you get that soft cushion feel with durability ?

STOP USING POLYESTER FIBRE and look for the advancements in foam engineering ComfortexAir ® Fira Gold award winning foam seating a new revolutionary seating system developed for comfort durability and longevity. Press Release


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