ComfortexAir ®

The ComfortexAir ®  ‘Airwave Seating’ is a bounce back seating concept and is our latest registered design. An innovative cushion interior for leading upholstery specifiers, it’s been fully tested to reduce hardness loss. Demand the best materials for your business.



An Airwave Seating System with Added ” Bounce Back “

We are pleased to announce Comfortex has been awarded the FIRA Gold award for upholstery seating with the new innovative ComfortexAir seat cushion details of the award can be seen on the FIRA website Here

Why was ComfortexAir ® needed ?

Its no secret that old traditional fibre wrapped foam seat cushions or polyester fibre cushions have always been prone to flattening and collapse and becoming misshaped soon after use. their initial feel is ideal however because of the construction and more so the use of unsuitable materials a lot of these cushions have severe flaws.

Why Use Polyester Fibre in Cushions ?

The initial look and feel is exactly what many furniture designers want. but are the after sales complaints worth it? After use it soon shows its real colours. Polyester fibre has always had flattening and collapsing issues, Its a wonder polyester fibre is still so widely used within upholstery seating. The most disturbing thing to see on fibre seat cushions is the instruction plump up daily on the label. Does this not suggest there is an inherent fault with the product? Who in all seriousness is expected to plump up their sofas seat cushions every day in some sort of desperate attempt to stop the cushions from collapsing!

A Simple Test

Just put a piece of fiber either bonded polyester fiber or blown polyester fibre between your hands and rub together. within seconds the lofty soft luxurious fibre becomes a matted and clumpy. then think what the seat cushion made of this or wrapped in this will look like after a few weeks / months use. Now how much do you pay for a sofa ? and what would you feel like when the seat cushion flattens !

All Is Not Lost

The “fibre” feel was wanted without the issues, enter the ComfortexAir ® seating system a revolution in comfort seating. Giving the loft the supersoft feel and it bounces back time after time, and has been tested to prove it. Derived from the pressure reducing technology used in our medical mattresses and a specific combination of materials used the ComfortexAir ® cushion has now become one of the most talked about seating products in years. we could even put our own label on the cushion plump up never ! Our press statement on ComfortexAir ® can be seen Here