ComfortexAir ® Press Statement / Presentation

ComfortexAir ® is our innovative answer to an unspoken problem; creating a seat cushion that always recovers. More than this, it feels fantastic! A scale of comfort which feels like fibre at first, but becomes more supportive as you relax.

Registered Design ComfortexAir®

We have the secured the Patent Office Registered Design for this innovative construction, and now have been proudly awarded the FIRA gold product certification for ComfortexAIR. It is the next generation of seat cushions destined to become the preferred choice for Retail Specifiers across the industry.

The new Intellectual property act has now become law and now the copying or Infringement of a registered design is  a criminal offense. please read the acid ( anti copying in design ) statement on this or view the overview of the bill here

Consumer Confidence

Created for consumer confidence, ComfortexAIR will dramatically reduce customer service perceptions that cushions have become ‘soft’. Seat cushions will bounce back to the designed profile instantly. There should be no more need for seat cushion care instructions or to have to “plump up daily”. We believe that “Dress Free = Stress Free”

Designed For Comfort

We have a generation of expertise in comfort technology for the medical, mattress, leisure and upholstery sectors. Quality and capability is assured with our ISO9001 approved manufacturing systems. We have combined knowledge and experience from across the business to ‘engineer’ the ComfortexAIR design for optimum comfort, performance and value.

Comfort is quite simply stunning. We now measure it in oooohhh’s and aaaahh’s. The Proflex (profiled, flexible) layer gives the initial softness and fills out any cover perfectly before and after use. The innovative design profile and construction adds the ‘air’ pockets which allow the firmer core of the cushion to be more resistant without noticing the difference.

Contract Performance

Performance. The all-foam construction gives superior performance over alternatives containing fibre padding. We have taken performance testing very seriously to prove the benefits claimed are real. We have tested many variations of ComfortexAIR seats to contract standards (200,000 cycles) without failure. The FIRA Gold Certification also tested the cushions independently, and has verified our findings.

Value. It is in our DNA to engineer best value from whatever we manufacture. We are applying automotive techniques in manufacture to keep cost low, and quality high. ComfortexAIR seat cushions by their design have more air, less labour intensive, and less adhesive than traditional alternatives. Our seats will also have a far lower life cycle cost because of their inherent durability.

It is our ambition to change the nature of the industry so that the ComfortexAIR cushion inner can be specified in any Retail upholstery as a nominated supplier. In this way, COMFORTEX can become your Comfort Experts too.